Juhli Selby

Strategist & Trainer, JUHLi SELBy Social Media

How did your love for social media develop?

I love people. I love connecting to people, and connecting people to one another. I see social media as way to stay connected. I began my career in sales and marketing right after graduating from university. I was recruited to work for an innovative business in California who saw the value in collaborating with other businesses with the same clientele; they recognized that connecting to our colleagues would enable all of our businesses to thrive. The company was at the forefront of utilizing social media marketing to promote our products and services, as well as establish expertise within our industry. I recognized immediately how social media could be useful for creating relationships in any kind of business, and I dove into learning everything I could about the tools as they emerged. Because the social media landscape is always evolving, I am still always learning! And I still believe that businesses that support each other will grow together, which is why I decided to establish my own social media training company.

What services do you offer?

I specialize in helping professionals get comfortable with social media tools so they can build relationships that will lead to sales. I provide social media/website/online marketing advice, set-up, strategy and training. I offer private training in person and via Skype, as well as group training and speaking.

What role does social media play in telling your brand story?

Social media marketing really is just one part of a great marketing plan – I would say even less important that other pieces – like great branding and a great website. Once you have your foundation in place, social media marketing can help you connect directly with existing and potential clients and connections. Creating content (writing articles, video, or audio) can be an incredible way to accomplish many goals including establishing thought leadership, getting more exposure/creating awareness, getting leads, getting backlinks to your website = more traffic to your site, etc. Once you have strong branding on a great website, with your email marketing set up, social media and creating content can be a great way to draw people in to your home base.

What are the big mistakes you see business owners making with their social media?

Not being clear on who they want to serve, not having a great home base set up online (website), with a way to capture visitor information (email signup), no analytics set up (to track progress), no time management, lack of prioritizing where they should spend time = tactics, tactics, tactics with no overall strategy.

What are your words to live by?

β€œThe best way to predict the future is to create it.”

What kind of bird would you be?

I would be a hummingbird. They are beautiful, high energy, they travel and seek nectar ; )

What do you when you leave The Nest?

I spend time with my family and friends, take walks with my dogs, watch movies & read (mostly social media news).