Frances Kinloch

Marketing Strategist & Consultant

How did you get your start in marketing?

While completing my degree in the History of Art in London, UK, I supported myself by working as a model. After I completed my degree I was looking to fill my time – models spend a lot of time, killing time between castings – and a friend who was the Director of Marketing at a large company in London suggested I do a marketing or communications diploma as she had done, which would add the practical skills needed to bring together my degree ( theory/visual/context) and my experience (fashion/products/branding); I then took a job in the marketing department at magazine house and loved every minute.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love coming up with creative concepts and following them through all the stages to see their end results. I love helping people make money. I love keeping up to date with new trends, tools and media.

What is the biggest mistake you see small businesses making when it comes to their marketing?

Not having a strategy – period.  Throwing money away by trying things out ad hoc.  Never actually implementing a method to assess how effective their efforts are. Not having a marketing plan based on a realistic budget. Coming for help when things are bad.

How does marketing strategy fit in with the other aspects of branding?

Getting your branding right is often the first place we marketers start. Deciding on the voice, look and feel as well as analyzing your audience and competitors will make a lot of strategic choices for you down the line. I think of myself as a marketing project manager. I’m the person who helps decide overall strategy and objectives, the budget requirements and then the tactics to get you there. These tactics might be simple enough for an owner operator to put into play themselves, all they need is this advice, and they can make this plan their year’s framework.   For other types of business marketing is a big undertaking, with many tactical components running concurrently, ever changing media, and service providers needing management over a longer period of time.

When do you know a strategy is working?

First of all, strategy is a long-term plan, not a quick fix. You have to be patient and dedicated to see the results. Ultimately your strategy is based on goals that have specific tasks and deliverables attached to them; you must continue to monitor your goals and be prepared to make changes when you notice things aren’t working. Also, you want to pay attention to feedback – what your clients are saying, how your employees or friends are responding, pay attention to the response when you put out a campaign. Finally, YOU will feel the synergy when things are working. You know your business best, and you will know when you are on a roll.

What are your words to live by?

“Done is better than perfect” or “Well behaved women seldom make history”

What kind of bird would you be and WHY?

A crow. Sharp, dark and mischievous.

What do you do when you leave the Nest?

I’m kind of a homebody on the weekends hanging with my husband and two daughters. I read and cook to relax. I love clothes and fashion. I love to travel to cities. I ski and enjoy being by the water.