Below are a few of the most common questions about our group.  Feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more.
Why a “collective”?
We have all worked hard to build our individual businesses, and we want to maintain our individual brands. But working in isolation as freelancers can limit our creativity, so by collaborating as a collective, we share ideas and inspire one another.
What services do you offer as a collective?
We offer marketing strategy and consultation, graphic design, website design and development, professional photography, social media training and consultation, communications and copywriting, and event space rental.

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How do the Freebirds work together?

The Collective meets as a group, on average, twice monthly. We brainstorm ideas, share our challenges, pass along opportunities for collaborating on client projects, develop our own ideas for elevating our Collective’s brand, set and assign tasks, and follow up from past initiatives. We also laugh a lot, eat great food and drink the occasional glass of wine. (But only when the work is done.)

In between meetings, we make use of our private Facebook group to share ideas and discuss concepts. We also use online organizational tools like Trello and Dropbox to manage our projects and share files.

How do your clients benefit from your separate businesses belonging to a collective?

As a collective, we actively refer clients to one another. We respect and admire each others work, and have vetted each other for professionalism, talent, customer service, competitive pricing, and overall effectiveness. We trust one another, which enables our shared clients to trust our referrals.

How does The Freebird Collective differ from a marketing agency?

Because we maintain our own individual businesses that (for the most part) are home-based businesses, The Freebird Collective can keep our costs lower. Bricks-and-mortar marketing agencies must pay enormous overhead costs like rent, utilities, supplies, staffing, benefits, taxes, etc. These costs are passed inevitably to their clients, making established agencies’ pricing very expensive for the average small business owner, start-up company, or solo-preneur. We wanted to be able to provide a comparable level of skill and expertise to our business colleagues, but at a price point that is accessible for their budgets.

Why did you choose small businesses as your target market?

We are all small business owners ourselves. We know what it is like to have big dreams and small budgets. We know what we can justify spending when it comes to branding and marketing our own businesses, so we wanted to be able to offer professional services to local businesses in Victoria who operate at a similar level.

Why should a client choose to work with The Freebirds instead of exploring other cost-effective alternatives?

We believe in shopping local. We believe that when you invest your dollars in local businesses like ours, our community of businesses grows together. We offer a locally-based, professional and cost-effective alternative to:

a. outsourcing to designers in developing countries;
b. asking a favour of your dubiously experienced “husband’s cousin’s wife who might know how to make a website”;
c. spending your valuable time and energy googling every how-to available and attempting to do-it-yourself.

There are many tricks to cost-cutting your branding, but few of them deliver the results you really want. The Freebirds want to make all of these tasks simple and effective for our clients so they can build their brands with style, connect with their customers, and get the money flowing in.

Why have you chosen to make workshops and trainings a part of The Freebird business model?

We know that some business owners feel that that their budgets are so limited that they really can’t afford to have a professional do the work for them. We also know there is a universe of DIY tools out there, but that the average person can find all the advice completely overwhelming and confusing. We want to be able to offer live local workshops and trainings for those who want to interact with actual people, and get good advice and clarity in real time.

What is the best way to make use of the Freebirds’ individual services?

Clients usually know what their most urgent “pain” is – an aging or non-existent website, a logo that doesn’t accurately reflect their brand, an outdated professional headshot, a lack of clarity in their social media strategy, ineffective or uninspiring web copy, or throwing dollar after dollar at advertising that doesn’t seem to be showing any return on investment. We recommend that our clients decide what is most urgent and contact the specific Freebird first for a consultation.

Here are the member’s bios:

Rebecca Kirstein & Anna McKenzie : BK Studios | Photographers
Kim Timothy & Niki Campbell: Boutique by Design
Andrea Ting-Letts: SCRIBE Professional Writing
JUHLi SELBy: JUHLi SELBy Social Media
Frances Kinloch : Marketing Consultant
Carolyne Taylor: Community Connector

All of the Freebirds agree that strategy is key to creating a memorable brand story , and we are able to identify the missing links in the other elements that involve the talents of our Collective’s members. We will be able to recommend which member’s services are needed in conjunction with solving the initial pain. We are happy to introduce our clients to our colleagues, and collaborate on the project.

How do clients pay for services?

Clients pay each of the Freebirds directly for their respective services.

Why did you choose the name “The Freebird Collective?”

Each of us are independent freelancers in our respective fields. At some level each Freebird shares a desire to create a life from a place of our own passion, and to strive for balance in our personal and professional lives. This is what freedom looks like for each of us. The collective structure allows us to maintain the identities of our individual businesses – a little freedom here too. Plus, colloquially we are all “birds” – women who work in branding and marketing. We’d like to think we are pretty smart chicks.