We are Birds of a feather.

Together we believe your brand matters.

Our Story

We are a fabulous flock of branding and marketing experts who share a vision. We see every business – no matter what size, nature, or years of experience – represented by your own one-of-a-kind brand story that is exceptional, relevant, and strategic.

We know branding matters.

The Freebird Collective is a strategic alliance of freelance branding and marketing experts. As a collective, we believe that branding – how your business looks, feels, and sounds – is the secret to capturing (and keeping) the attention of your target audience.

We are all passionate about helping small businesses create compelling brands that takes into account every aspect of your individual brand story. From your marketing strategy, to logo and web design & development, to photographic imagery, to web content, communications and social media, to building strong referral networks – the Freebirds are dedicated to helping your business hatch a plan and grow your business.

The Freebirds also understand that branding and marketing can seem out of reach when you have a limited budget. We are excited to share our knowledge so that those businesses that are not quite ready to invest have access to the right information to do it yourself. We believe every business should have access to the best branding tools and information available so that your business can take flight.


What’s it like to work with the Freebirds?

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Meet the Freebirds:

REBECCA, Photographer | ANNA, Photographer | FRANCES, Marketing Consultant

KIM, Graphic & Web Designer | NIKI, Web Developer | ANDREA, Communications Specialist  | JUHLi, Social Media Consultant

What’s your PROBLEM?

When it comes to your experience with branding and marketing your business, does any of this sound familiar?
I have spent a small fortune on my branding, and I don’t even like it anymore.  •  I have no idea what to prioritize first. It all seems important. •  I have tried everything and I am not seeing results. What now? •  What’s the latest trend in marketing? I can’t keep up. •  I really need to stand out from my competition. But how?

What’s the WORST that can happen?

The Freebirds believe that without a strong, consistent brand that makes you proud, you can be easily overlooked in your competitive market.

When your logo isn’t memorable, your website clunky and dated, your web content not compelling, your social media not engaging, your referral network limited and your marketing strategy non-existent: you are at risk of losing customers.

Without a brand strategy in place, you can spend your hard-earned dollars over and over experimenting to find the winning combination of branding, marketing and advertising to promote your business. There goes your time, your money, your energy and your resources.

What now?

What is the SOLUTION?

You need a team of branding and marketing specialists that are on your side. •  A team of brilliant women who have built their own businesses from the ground up, with limited budgets and big dreams. •  A group of experts who are excited to share what they know so you know what your options are, and how to do it yourself. •  A flock of creative professionals who are passionate about their crafts. •  You need a trusted team of branding pros who will give you the confidence and tools to build your business. •  You need The Freebird Collective.

Want a brand that soars above the rest? Put a Bird on it.